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MedSynergies, Inc.
909 Hidden Ridge, Suite 300
Irving, TX 75038

tel: (972) 791-1224
fax: (972) 819-0020

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MedSynergies, Inc.
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Your Mission. Your Partner.

In today’s increasingly complex and challenging world of health care delivery, it’s more critical than ever for providers to forge vital relationships that inspire physician alignment, lead to increased market share and enable quality outcomes for patients. MedSynergies is proud to serve as a true partner in these relationships because we believe success is a collaborative effort.

Founded by physicians and led by a team of seasonal medical, technological and operational industry experts, MedSynergies has spent nearly two decades focusing on the distinct relationship between ambulatory practices and the overall health care system. Our breadth of experience has resulted in deep insights, which have uniquely positioned MedSynergies to create MSIGHTTM.

MSIGHT is a comprehensive solution that designs the roadmap for success, engages the physician, connects the patient, optimizes operations and provides meaningful information and analytics designed to help all health care providers make more informed decisions.

MSIGHT helps hospitals successfully understand physician alignment components, translating practice-level metrics into meaningful, actionable intelligence. MSIGHT’s flexible structure allows practices and hospitals to integrate with existing technologies, while eliminating the need for multiple vendors to achieve the same level of success.

As the first company with the vision to partner with health systems by aligning risks and rewards, MedSynergies continues to rise as the industry leader in successful physician alignment.
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