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Aruba Petroleum, Inc.
555 Republic Drive, Suite 505
Plano, TX 75074

tel: (972) 312-9366
fax: (972) 312-1474

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Aruba Petroleum, Inc.
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Fueling Growth

Aruba Petroleum is an independent oil and gas producer in Plano, Texas. Situated ideally in the middle of the highly productive Barnett Shale, a steady producer of oil and gas since the early 1990s, Aruba has grown strong and steady by employing new drilling technologies and techniques.

The Barnett Shale. That's the proper name for the area in North Texas that is the epicenter of the modern oil and gas revolution. Here, new unconventional production methods are proven and perfected. Here, in a cluster of 18 counties stretching north, south and west of Dallas-Fort Worth, lies a rich reservoir that is opening up its treasures to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. It's the most productive of all the shale plays in North America, so rich, we expect it to continue producing for many years to come.

The Barnett Shale. It's our home turf. Our corporate headquarters are here. Our field operations are here. We've been here from nearly the beginning, honing and refining the techniques that will carry us into the future. Today, this is the most developed of North America's unconventional plays with the best infrastructure. These features greatly impact profitability by drastically reducing costs compared to less developed shale plays.

The results: Today, Aruba is ranked the fifth largest operator in Wise County out of 117 companies. The four ahead of us are all multi-billion dollar companies. In Parker County, Aruba ranks number seven behind six multi-billion dollar companies. Among independents, Aruba stands tall. By being here all this time, we've developed practices and a business model that gives us a definite competitive edge.

Setting Aruba apart from its competitors are four critical differences—experience, expertise, commitment to the field and cost containment—all of which improve the company’s margins and enable continued performance at a high level.

Above all, Aruba is experienced, having operated for more than 25 years and been involved with production from unconventional sources, such as horizontal drilling, since 2001—much longer than most production companies. With its unparalleled dedication to horizontal drilling, Aruba has the expertise and knowledge companies seek. Unlike other producers, Aruba is committed to field operations as a core component of the company and is staffed to ensure full-time onsite well management. Finally, Aruba has established a business model with built-in processes to keep costs down and maximize profits without sacrificing quality or safety.

Overall, Aruba’s record for performance speaks for itself. Aruba has drilled hundreds of horizontal wells with professionalism and quality personnel at every level.
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