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Dallas Area Rapid Transit
1401 Pacific Avenue
Dallas, TX 75202

tel: (214) 749-3278
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Dallas Area Rapid Transit
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Want to offer your employees a better commute? Choose Dallas Area Rapid Transit! Companies large and small turn to Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) for its employer pass, vanpool and carpool programs.

DART keeps the business community moving with service across 13 cities and 700 square miles. DART is also an economic engine powering construction and transit-oriented development.

DART buses and trains provide a dependable, affordable and safe way to work, school and other day-to-day destinations.

DART’s Employer Pass Program provides a commuting alternative for thousands of North Texas employees at a discounted rate.

Saving money is just the start. DART also saves employees time and headaches. No more parking hassles, no more fighting rush-hour traffic. DART transforms “commute time” into “me time”—riders can send e-mail, catch up on work, read or just relax.

Now riding DART to work is easier than ever. With the FREE GoPassSM app, employees can buy their annual passes, plan trips and get next bus or next train times right on their phone!

DART is good for business, helping you attract workers with a fringe benefit as well as reduce turnover and tardiness. Your employees will get to work like clockwork! Your company can underwrite as little or as much as you choose. Plus, DART makes it easy with ongoing support from the Consumer Programs team.

For trip planning, schedules and other helpful information, call (214) 979-1111 or visit Reach the Consumer Programs team at (214) 749-2589.
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