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Orange Energy Corporation

Think Different. Think Bold. Think Orange.

The Future of the U.S. Energy Industry is Bright. It is Orange.

In an era of unconventional shale plays, unconventional thinking and bold decisions are required—that’s what you get from Orange Energy. Whether it be through Lease Acquisition, Abstracting, Due Diligence, ROW Acquisition or Mineral Acquisition, Orange Energy tackles each project head-on and demands excellence. Orange Energy pushes its Project Teams to exceed client expectations by providing the most efficient, cost-effective and quality work product and expects results.

Orange Energy employs more than a dozen former in-house Landmen from various Fortune 500 Exploration & Production Companies—providing Orange Energy with the knowledge and experience E&P Companies need most for their Land projects to be a success. Understanding and ensuring deadlines and budgets are adhered to and reported on, allows the client to focus on what matters most—to get wells drilled. That’s what Orange Energy does.

Experienced in all phases of energy exploration and development, Orange Energy believes in executing land management the right way, offering services including project management, lease acquisition, title clearance, right-of-way acquisition, seismic permitting and geographic information systems (GIS).

When managing projects, Orange Energy focuses on mineral and surface-site leasing, employing their expertise to tighten timelines and reduce risk through detailed planning and disciplined execution. Orange Energy takes projects from conception to production with central mapping, databases and administrative systems that assist field workers everywhere. Plus, with streamlined processes for leasing in highly competitive and urban settings, Orange Energy can facilitate large, multiple-leasing signing meetings.

With expertise in all areas of land title research, Orange Energy knows the importance of accurately completing title chains so all research is done proficiently while its curative measures assure that any defects in the chain are addressed and all instruments corrected and reconciled.

Orange Energy’s expertise in right-of-way acquisition issues has allowed it to complete a variety of complex easements and Orange Energy negotiates effective resolutions for companies and landowners with its extensive knowledge of legal requirements. Finally, Orange Energy’s seismic team consists of a collective group of permitters, shoot designers, surveyors and GIS specialists and analysts who successfully have completed projects throughout the nation.

Orange Energy believes in what it does for its clients and believes in what it does for the betterment of the American economy and global energy needs. Orange believes in bold unconventional thinking.

Beckmen Law, PC

Texas-Founded Full-Service Law Firm with Energy at Its Core

Solid Energy, Real Estate and Business Law

Orange Energy partners with the law firm of Beckmen Law, PC (Beckmen Law) to offer its clients full access to qualified attorneys to address legal needs or concerns that arise during a project.

Beckmen Law is a nationwide firm with years of experience in the oil and gas industry, providing solid land, title, transactional, regulatory and litigation legal services throughout the United States. Beckmen Law’s clients count on the firm’s reliable, efficient and cost-effective services in long-term and quick-turnaround projects while working within budget.

Beckmen Law has expertise in all aspects of oil and gas law and applies this knowledge and experience and proven business model to expand its practice to the alternative wind and solar energy industries, helping companies acquire or divest alternative-energy assets and guide them through estate and federal regulatory process.

Given its on-the-ground legal experience, Beckmen Law also offers commercial and real estate legal services for clients buying, selling or financing real estate transactions. The firm assists in everything from commercial leasing and sales to residential financing and closings, performing basic legal work and helping clients identify and develop business opportunities.

Founded in Texas, Beckmen Law’s main corporate office is located in Grapevine, while it also maintains regional offices to better serve its clients in the following cities: Midland, San Antonio, Denver, North Canton (Ohio), Canonsburg (Pennsylvania) and Bakersfield (California). Beckmen Law has the breadth and depth to handle the most detailed and complex matters in both the energy and real estate sectors without losing focus on clients’ overall business goals.
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