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Crude Energy, LLC
1910 Pacific Avenue, Suite 7000
Dallas, TX 75201

tel: (214) 716-2200
fax: (214) 666-8512

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Crude Energy, LLC
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Providing Safe and Reliable Energy

Crude Energy is a large independent (nonintegrated) U.S. oil and natural gas company that offers investment opportunities through direct-participation programs and oil and gas direct-participation working interests, which enable investors to participate in the potential cash flow and unique tax benefits associated with investments in this industry. Especially important in a downturned economy, oil and gas investments allow savvy investors to diversify and reinforce their portfolios with a stable commodity in steady demand.

Founded in July 2008 on the fundamental principles of applying state-of-the-art petroleum and natural gas exploration and extraction technology to the development of onshore oil and natural gas projects, Dallas-based Crude Energy focuses its efforts in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Louisiana. In these regions, Crude Energy has a competitive advantage with its ever-expanding infrastructure and highly competitive team of experienced and incentivized personnel and engineers.

Crude Energy aims to deliver a competitive and sustainable rate of return to oil and gas investors by developing, acquiring and exploring for oil and gas resources that are vital to the world’s health and welfare. Crude Energy focuses on its primary goal of increasing and maximizing the value of acquired properties through exploitation, drilling and proven engineering extraction practices while also controlling costs.

With proven reserves throughout most major basins in North America, Crude Energy’s exploration activities are focused on adding profit-generating production to existing core areas as well as developing potential new ones. Crude Energy’s production operations supply liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas to the growing world energy markets with a current focus in North America.
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